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Personal Training Bangkok

Invest in a personal trainer at BASE and take your training and results to the next level.

At BASE we have a team fitness coaches that are at the top of the industry.

Our passion for helping our clients hit their best results ever helped us win Asia’s Gym of the Year and ClassPass’s Best Bangkok Studio 2020.

We have a long list of client success stories such as Han, who has lost over 40kg during his training at BASE.

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The BASE Bangkok personal training programs are comprehensive, scientific and leave nothing to chance.

Throughout your personal training program, your coach will record your fitness and body composition results to ensure you are improving and hitting your goals.

How to get started on your personal training journey at BASE.

Our coaches at BASE take your results seriously and every step of our process is with your end goal in mind.

We start the process with a detailed questionnaire and a body composition scan. This helps your coach get to know more about you and gives us a ‘day 1’ snapshot of where you’re starting.

Your friendly, motivating and highly-qualified personal coach will design the program for you and your goals, monitoring your results along the way and ensuring each session takes you closer to success.

At BASE, we believe that both environment and programming play important roles in getting long-term results.

We’ve created a space that you’ll look forward to coming to – a community of people sharing your journey, friendly coaches that really care about you and your results, topped off with a fun, pumped and motivating environment.


Here’s a taste of what to expect with our personal training programs at BASE

Meet The Team –  BASE Bangkok Personal Trainers

Our team of fitness trainers and nutritional coaches care about you and your results.

Our diverse coaching team has a range of experience and has speakers of Thai, English, Korean and Chinese.

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