How Tommy helped Han lose 40.5kg and transform his health How Tommy helped Han lose 40.5kg and transform his health How Tommy helped Han lose 40.5kg and transform his health

How Tommy helped Han lose 40.5kg and transform his health

When Han started training with Tommy he weighed in at 135kg and there were strong concerns from his doctor about his health and high blood pressure.

Han had a long term goal to get to a healthy weight and with the help of his coach Tommy he’s lost over 40kg and is in his best shape of the last 18 years.

When Han started out he knew he wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. He was almost completely sedentary, consumed numerous large meals and alcohol on most days and would finish eating at 2am.

This kind of lifestyle transformation is Tommy’s speciality and so he started Han’s journey with small but achievable adjustments.

With long-term, sustainable results in mind, Tommy created a nutrition plan that still allowed him some of the foods he enjoyed whilst shifting to healthier habits.

Tommy built a program around Han’s golfing schedule and slowly adjusted his diet to include more vegetables and protein to keep him fuller for longer.

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With Tommy’s support – both with his training, nutrition but also his mindset – Han started to see results quickly, losing 10kg in his first 3 months. The next year saw steady, consistent results that ended with Han losing an incredible 40.5kg.

This is what Han said about the training:

“I was worried about my health when I started but with Tommy’s support I feel healthy and strong.

I thought it would be hard to stop eating and drinking but Tommy has shown me that I can still enjoy the foods I like, I just have to be smarter with my approach.

I still have some work to do to get to optimal health but I know with Tommy’s help we’ll get there. I’ve trusted the process from day 1 and each month I see a significant change.”

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