BASE Success Story: Itim Parkamol BASE Success Story: Itim Parkamol BASE Success Story: Itim Parkamol

BASE Success Story: Itim Parkamol

Itim has been a complete inspiration to everyone at BASE (and she’s inspired many others, too!). She has completely revolutionized her body and mind.

Her stats are incredible – she lost 9.1kg of fat whilst maintaining muscle, her body fat dropped 8.4% and her BASELINE fitness score almost doubled –  but the biggest success here is her newfound approach to fitness and good nutrition. Itim LOVES training and eating well and can’t see any other way. To get to this stage after 60 days has been great to witness.

Here’s Itim’s story:

BASE to me is not just a place that I come to exercise regularly, but it is the place where I found my inner strength, my motivation, my passion, my fear, my weaknesses, my courage and my goals.

I stumbled upon BASE by chance and my first reaction was just like anybody else that I know – I was so scared and intimidated!

However, those feelings went away after I came back for my second session. I considered myself lucky to have the courage to come back or else I wouldn’t have seen this change and the capabilities that I knew I always had within me.

I believe that we all had a dream and things that we always wanted to do, and sometimes that dream is not yet coming true because we’re doing it alone. My fine line between my dreams and reality is action.

I guarantee you that with all the help from the coaches and support from friends, together with the combination of their workout at BASE, you will have a lot of actions which will lead to the big change!

Just believe in the process and don’t take yourself too seriously ?

Last but not least, I hope to see you all at BASE soon 🙂