How Plot Transformed His Body & Increased His Deadlift By 300% How Plot Transformed His Body & Increased His Deadlift By 300% How Plot Transformed His Body & Increased His Deadlift By 300%

How Plot Transformed His Body & Increased His Deadlift By 300%

Regulars at BASE Amarin will have seen Plot’s amazing transformation.

Plot’s gone from being inactive to one of our strongest and fastest members and has gained a ton of strength and muscle in the process.

Plot hits a mix of group class training and personal training with BASE Fitness Coach Chort

You can see from his testimonial that he’s not just fitter and stronger, he’s learned a lot about training and what it takes to have a strong, fit body.

Here’s what he had to say about his journey so far…

Training at BASE with Chort has been a pivotal moment in my life since I have never gotten to the point where I feel like my results have matched my effort.

I’ve been training with him for one and a half year and he offers a consistent challenge that test my limits.

He keeps detailed logs of progress, gives positive feedback on how to improve form, advices on the optimal nutrition intake and he pushes me to new levels each week.

For someone coming from an open gym with limited knowledge on this matter, this was an eye opener. I could never strike the right balance between my diet and my training and I was simply losing weight along with my muscles.

With Chort’s help, I have found that optimal balance and trust me, gaining weight isn’t a problem when it is mostly muscles. Take a look at the picture for yourself.

I also had many other problems including a nagging back pain and a bad body posture. Without proper guidance I could never imagine that these could be fixed by simply focusing on my glutes which most men neglected for fear of having a profound looking butt.

Seriously, you would look a lot nicer with a firm butt and the ladies love it. His focus on the glutes has enlightened me in many ways. Working on your glutes is not only about having a nice looking rear.

There are many health benefits to keeping your glutes in shape since they are the largest muscle group in the body.

They play a vital role in how we move day to day whether it’s walking, running, standing or even sitting. They are basically functioning with your other core muscles to support your spine and maintain your posture.

For this reason, having healthy glutes is important in maintaining good health in other areas of your body. I no longer have any back pain, my posture is excellent and most importantly it helped to increase my power & athletic performance. The results are there to see in each of the Base class.

I’ve also come to realize that I can push myself a lot harder than I thought I could on my own. The training has also shown me that my initial thought on my physical limits were not even close to where they actually are. Emotionally I feel more alert, more energized and ready to make this a lifelong lifestyle. 

A tremendous thank you to BASE and my gorgeous coach and friend, Chorty.