6 Tips To Stay Positive During COVID-19 6 Tips To Stay Positive During COVID-19 6 Tips To Stay Positive During COVID-19

6 Tips To Stay Positive During COVID-19

Founder and CEO of BASE, Jack Thomas, goes through 6 essential tips to coming out of Covid-19 stronger in Bangkok.

Build Your Base Podcast Show Episode 2 on Youtube with Thai subtitle

The mission of the show is to help you build your strongest Bangkok life. Here are the key takeaways from our episode 2 of the Build Your Base Podcast on how to stay positive during this tough time.

  1. Keep moving and stay active: Your body is designed to move. Sitting down is linked to many negative effects. Join online workout classes, there are free and paid options for you to choose from. We also run free livestream class every Saturday and BASE Anywhere, BASE online training platform. You can simply go for a walk or do some cardio around your home.
  2. Stay connected: Get in touch with friends, family and loved ones. One simple way is to send out a message to one person a day, checking in how they are doing or what they are up to. Sending messages is good, but jumping on a call is even better.
  3. Eat healthy: We have interviewed Dr.Priya on tips for strong nutrition in the episode 3 of our podcast, make sure you give it a listen. Planning your nutrition makes eating healthy a lot easier. Cook or stock up on healthy food will help you make better food choices when you’re hungry. Stick to the 80/20 rule, you do not have to eat perfectly all the time. Try to eat well around 80% and leave 20% for things you enjoy.
Join classes on BASE Anywhere, our online training platform.

4. Find projects to work on at home: This is a great opportunity to start projects that have been on your back burner. If you own a business, work on your business plan or marketing plan for when situation returns to normal. If you work for a company, this is a great time to show them that you’re committed and are willing to help out. Reach out to your supervisors and check in if there are anything you can do to help the team.

5. Get some sun: Natural sunlight contains Vitamin D which is essential to our body. Find some time to go outside or on the rooftop if that is available, get some natural sunlight to your body.

6. Have a digital detox hour everyday: Find an hour to detach from technology and do other offline activities. That could be reading, cooking, cleaning or meditating for example.

These are the 6 pointers to help you stay strong and positive during the COVID-19.

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