How To Workout At Home How To Workout At Home How To Workout At Home

How To Workout At Home

Gyms are out of action, but that doesn’t mean that your body should be too.

Working out at home takes discipline, some guidance and perhaps some equipment.

This step by step guide takes you through everything you need to know to get your home workout set up just right, whether you’re in a small Bangkok condo of anywhere else in the world.

Setting up your home workout space

First thing you need for your home workout is a little bit of space. It doesn’t need to be a huge amount, enough space to lie down on the ground is enough, but a few extra square meters can help to make the experience a little more comfortable.

We’ve had some people join our live Zoom home workouts in a 30 square meter condo without any problems – they just shifted their bed to one side of the room. Any more than this, consider a luxury!

Get the flooring right

Your floors at home were probably not designed with training in mind!

Typically, flooring in condos and houses is quite hard for home workouts so it might be tough to do some movements such as planks, which can hurt the arms or the impact from burpees might be quite tough on your body.

We recommend a basic yoga mat to help with the hardness and impact. If your knees and elbows are particularly sensitive then get one of the thicker mats that are available.

Home workout equipment

This is a big one – what equipment do you need to get the most out of your home workout?

Worst-case, you can get a good workout at home with just your body as resistance. Think push ups, squats, lunges and planks.

However, it does help to load the muscles more and to add a little variety if you have some tools and equipment.

The easiest (and cheapest) is to simply use household items for your home workout such as water bottles – you can use small bottle for light movements or the big 20kg water bottles for heavier ‘lifts’.

You can also get creative here by using bags with books, rice or flour bags or we’ve even seen chairs being used.

These aren’t glamourous, but they work!

Training at home is easier if you have some basic equipment. You don’t need a lot – just a few dumbbells or kettlebells go a long way.

Check out our blog post on where to buy gym equipment in Bangkok for more details, or details on how to rent gym equipment in Bangkok.

Programming your home workout

So you have some space and some basic equipment. Now what?

Knowing what to do with it is crucial and without the guidance of a coach, it’s sometimes hard to know if you’re doing things right.

There are many options on YouTube and Instagram that are free, but we recommend investing in a course that takes you through the exercises thoroughly and offers safe options to make exercises easier of harder.

We’ve worked hard on our platform, BASE Anywhere, which offers a mix of pre-recorded ‘on-demand’ videos that you can do anywhere and live workouts on Zoom that allow real-time coaching on your form, technique and intensity.

The feedback from our members is that they love these sessions as they’re fun, engaging and motivating.

All Zoom workouts are included as part of our BASE Anywhere package.

At BASE, we also offer one-to-one coaching online by Skype or FaceTime. This is where you get programming specific to you and your goals.

A BASE Zoom workout!

Motivational support and accountability for home training

Once you’ve got your home workout program sorted, the next step is getting motivated.

Some people are pumped and motivated to train on their own. Some need a little help.

If you need a little push to get some routine into your training, then we recommend the support of a coach, a friend or an online community to keep you going.

One option is one-to-one coaching online with a coach. Whilst it may feel different to training with a fitness coach in a gym, you can still get a great workout, correction on form and technique and someone with you who’s invested in your success. This personalized coaching offers the ultimate accountability.

Another option is a friend – buddy up with someone online and do workouts together at the same time. We’ve had members who’ve joined a Zoom call to do one of our sessions together. This works well – research shows you’re much more likely to stick to a program if you’re doing it with a friend.

Even if we’re not with you in person, we can still coach you to the highest standards

BASE home workouts can be done anywhere

The great thing about our digital home workout options is that you can do them anywhere in the world!

We’ve had new members joining from Cambodia, Macau, USA, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

To be able to help not just our BASE members but to also welcome new people from across the world into our community has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who has joined!

BASE home workout options

By now, you should have a good idea of how to get a good workout at home. Here are ways in which BASE can help:

BASE Anywhere

BASE Anywhere is our online community with over 40 new workouts per month and a back library of high-quality on-demand workout videos. We have over 180 people in our crew who support each other everyday.

We also host webinars with coaches and nutritionists, challenges and a comprehensive BASE Nutrition Guide included with entry.

Entry is just 1,900thb per month which offers excellent value for everything you get as a member.

High quality on-demand home workouts on the BASE Anywhere platform

One-to-one Online Coaching

The ultimate in programming, accountability and service. Get a dedicated coach who will take you through each session in real time. Programmed and adapted for you and your goals.

1,800thb for one session or 15,000thb for 10 sessions. Purchase here or contact us at [email protected] for more details

Zoom Workouts

BASE is running daily Zoom workouts starting from just 160thb per session.

You can purchase 1, 4 or 10-session packs here or join BASE Anywhere for unlimited Zoom workouts.

Nutritional Coaching

We also offer online nutritional coaching for just 2,900thb per month. Get in touch at [email protected] or buy here.

Buy Gym Equipment in Bangkok

We have teamed up with Bangkok equipment suppliers to offer discounts on their items such as kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. Check out our blog post on buying gym equipment in Bangkok for more information.

Renting Gym Equipment in Bangkok

We are renting gym equipment during this time of business closure. Please contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in renting any gym equipment or check out our blog post for more details.

Home workout summary

Training at home is tough, but with the right equipment, programming and support, you can still get great results and have fun with your training.

Contact BASE if you need any help staying fit, strong and motivated at home.