Building a Career in Fitness, with Marketing Executive and Coach Kie Building a Career in Fitness, with Marketing Executive and Coach Kie Building a Career in Fitness, with Marketing Executive and Coach Kie

Building a Career in Fitness, with Marketing Executive and Coach Kie

Jack Thomas talks to Kie Lurkraisit – who is our Senior Marketing Executive at BASE as well as one of our coaches – about how to build a career in the fitness industry and why she chose this career path.

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Coach Kie wears a few different hats at BASE. One of which is marketing and the other is coach. Here is the interview with Kie on her journey in building a career in the fitness industry.

What did you get qualified/educated in and why did you choose this subject?

I graduated with a degree in financial investment and analysis from Chulalongkorn university. I chose the subject because I felt it was a safe choice that would give me a stable career path after I graduate.

What stage did you realize that maybe that wasn’t the path you wants you to stay on?

I actually knew it very soon after school started that this was not for me. I felt so done with it after a few semesters and made up my mind that this will not be what I pursue as a career after I graduate.

Why marketing?

I did not know yet what I liked back then, but I had tried sales and human resources development role during the school years and they weren’t for me either. Marketing seems to be the only thing left so I started my first job in marketing field.

When you came out of university, what was your next step after that?

I decided to build a career in the industry that I am truly interested in, so I quit my previous job to find a new opportunity in the fitness industry. I believe we spend most of our days working, so it must be meaningful if we can spend our time on things we are passionate about.

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What do you like about working in the fitness industry?

The start was quite random because I just tried it out without knowing if I like it. But to answer this question, I like the dynamic and how it is interactive and flexible. As opposed to some other roles like accounting where there is a set of rule you need to follow. Marketing to me is a process of trial and error, a continuous process of learning what works and what is not with your customers and market. This makes it fun and challenging.

Can you give any tips to anyone that might be listening that wants to get more into marketing?

My main tip would be to find an industry that you’re truly interested in. It will make the process of enjoying job easier. You will need to dig yourself into the market to know all the insights. By having a genuine interest in the industry, this process will be much more fun.

Once someone decides they want to get into marketing, what advice can you give them in terms of actually getting a job?

I think study what each company does before reaching out to them is my biggest tip. Know what they do, where they stand in the market, know their services. You will come off so much better in the interview.

Customise your resume and reach out to them professionally. You do not need to blast your resume to everyone, pick a few that you really want to work with and get in touch properly.

Final tip is to be open for feedback and wanting to act on it.

Why health and fitness? There’s many different industries you could have got into.

I think we have to spend most of our time working, so might as well work in the industry I am truly interested in. It is also easier to love your job even though you have hard times or need to work long hours because you genuinely believe in the products.

Why BASE? 

I actually reached out to a few fitness and gyms but no one replied. BASE is the only one who replied. I researched on the industry back then and found BASE doing things very professionally, partnership with Adidas, decent website and social media. I want to commit to business which is run professionally so I reached out to BASE.

Do you have any regrets on not taking a more traditional route such as finance, which people would perceive as a bit more security.

I did have some concern for stability and growth at the beginning. I think it started to drop when I make more commitment to the job. If you do anything just for fun or day by day, it will be very hard to progress in any career, not only in the fitness industry. If you give more into it, I’m sure there’s a great path ahead.

How have your parents, your friends, your family responded to you choosing this?

At the beginning my parents were also worried if it will be stable but I have proved to them that every career can be done seriously and has it own progression. They are fine with it now. My friends actually think it’s cool to make a passion a profession.

Do you have any final advice for anyone who wants to get into health and fitness, whether it’s marketing or on the coaching side?

For coaching side, I think having a certification in the training area you’re interested in is the most essential. If you have no coaching background, an accredited course will be useful.

In general, study the industry. Know what’s going on in the market, go visit studios, subscribe to their newsletters. Then once you know what each one does, decide who you want to work with and make sure you can deliver their key offerings.