“It’s not about how fit you are today, it’s about how fit you will become.”

Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to take your fitness to the next level, BASELINE is the perfect way to find out exactly where you are today and how much you improve each month.


BASELINE has been around since day 1, but it’s evolved from writing scores on a board, to a monthly session to proprietary technology that we have developed that will revolutionize group class training.


“Focus on improvement, not perfection.”

BASELINE is a system of recording and tracking your strength and cardio stats. It’s fun, motivating and is a great way to make sure you give 100% in each session.


BASELINE is all about you against you – how much stronger and fitter are you becoming with our training, and are you a little better than the you of yesterday.


BASE coaches are there for you every step of the way – whether it’s during the class or by going through your stats with you afterwards.

As industry-leading coaches, your results and progress is of utmost importance to us. Our coaches are not satisfied until you’ve achieved your goal and will offer all the support that is needed to ensure that each of your BASELINE results are better than the last.


BASELINE has helped our clients achieve amazing results.

Rob dropped 5kg and got in the best shape of his life, with BASELINE helping him track his progress through our 60 Day Challenge. You can read all about his amazing transformation here.

Dear had been training at BASE for a while, but it was when she threw herself into our BASELINE system that she saw big progress. More about Dear’s journey here.

Nick and Jack BASELINE

We believe that using data to monitor your results is an incredibly powerful way to hit your goals.

It’s not enough to simply ‘get a sweat’ or aim for a number of calories to burn each time you train. By following our program and our BASELINE system, you will know exactly where you’re at through each stage of your journey.

Rob before and after
BASELINE helped Rob achieve great results

If you’d like to find out more about BASELINE, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions or visit our article on how BASELINE is changing the way people train.

Want to get started on BASELINE today?

Visit our BASELINE site or contact us and the team will help you on the first step of your journey.

Dear before and after
Dear tracked and monitored her progress through BASELINE and even did a Spartan Race!