What Is Hyrox? BASE Is An Official Hyrox Gym In Bangkok What Is Hyrox? BASE Is An Official Hyrox Gym In Bangkok What Is Hyrox? BASE Is An Official Hyrox Gym In Bangkok

What Is Hyrox? BASE Is An Official Hyrox Gym In Bangkok

BASE is a proud to announce that they have become a Hyrox Official Gym and partner, offering training programs, special events and classes to help people prepare for the race, or simply improve their overall health and fitness.

At BASE, we see this partnership as a strong and natural fit, as we share many of the same values. Like Hyrox, we believe that fitness should be inclusive and accessible, and we’re always looking at ways to welcome more people to fitness and, if they find it motivating, enter events and competitions.

Lively BASE classes incorporate both cardio and strength

Hyrox has taken the fitness world by storm, offering an experience they call ‘The World Series of Fitness Racing‘. Whilst the brand is seeing a meteoric rise worldwide, it is new to Thailand, and as we launch our partnership in early 2024 there has so far been no Hyrox events in the country. However, Hyrox is looking to launch here soon.

So, we know many of you will be wondering “what is Hyrox?” Here, we tackle some of the common questions.

What is Hyrox?

Simply put, Hyrox offers a combination of both running and what they call ‘functional workout stations’. During a Hyrox race participants run 1km, followed by a functional workout station such as, for example, 100 wall balls or 1,000m row on the Concept 2 – which we have at BASE to help you practice!

This is repeated eight times, so in total you will have run 8km and completed eight additional workout stations by the end of the race.

Two women Hyrox race finishers at the finish line

What are the additional exercises in Hyrox?

You start with a 1km run and then you’ll hit the first exercise station, which is then followed by:

1,000 meters on the SkiErg
Completing a 1000m session on the SkiErg engages the arm, shoulder, and core muscles. The SkiErg allowing you to kickstart a comprehensive full-body exercise right from the beginning.

50 meter sled push
A 50m sled push targets your lower body. We recommend getting a good pair of shoes with solid grip.

50 meter sled pull
Similar to the Sled push, but backwards – this will target you back, biceps, glutes, hamstrings and core muscles.

80 meter burpee broad jumps
Do a burpee and then jump forwards as far as you can. Repeat until you hit the 80 meter mark.

Congrats, you’re halfway through the race! Next up, 1000 meters of rowing on the Concept 2 RowErg – another tool available at BASE.

200 meter farmer’s carry
The farmer’s carry is a full body exercise that targets the upper back, core, arms and grip strength. Essential, pick up two heavy weights and walk (or run!)

100m sandbag lunges
For the final exercise station, you’ll complete 100 meters of walking lunges with a sandbell on your back. A gruelling test for your quads and lower body to wrap up the race!

We use the same Concept 2 rowers at BASE that featured in Hyrox

How is BASE partnering with Hyrox?

As a Hyrox partner gym, BASE will be offering classes and training to help people prepare for Hyrox. This means a regular ‘BASE Hyrox’ class, as well as special events and workshops.

Through the Fitness Business Asia and Build Your Base Podcast, BASE will also be partnering with Hyrox with shared media and marketing.

Running makes up a big part of BASE classes and a Hyrox race

How do I train for Hyrox?

Ultimately, you need to practice the movements in Hyrox in your own training. That means incorporating running, sled pushes, SkiErg, rowing, burpees and lunges, to name some of the movements, into your program.

Hyrox leans more towards conditioning than strength, so while working on your reps and sets is going to be important, improving your cardio and endurance is pivotal to success. During the race, you will have run 8km and will have skied and rowed 1km, so that’s 10km in total. This means that some endurance work is going to be crucial when preparing. Before the race, you should be able to run 10km at a moderate pace comfortably .

Burpee broad jumps and wall balls will also get the heart rate high, so ‘hybrid’ circuit training that incorporates different exercises and little rest time will also help you prepare.

Strength training must play a part in any training program, and Hyrox is no exception. We recommend focusing on the fundamental compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, rows and presses. These will all help with the total body strength needed to succeed at events like Hyrox.

We hit all of these components in our BASE Hyrox classes, which brings us onto our next question!

The sled push – one of eight Hyrox functional exercise stations

What can I expect at a ‘BASE Hyrox’ training session?

Simply put, our BASE Hyrox classes will help build the strength, conditioning and mental resilience needed for the race. We will be using our Concept 2 SkiErgs and RowErgs, the exact machines used in the Hyrox race, as well as hitting other movements that you’ll need for the day such as sled pushes and pulls, wall balls and burpees.

Join a BASE Hyrox session and you can also expect to do other exercises that don’t feature on race day, but will help improve your strength and cardio to get you race ready!

Check out our full BASE group class schedule for all of our standard and special Hyrox sessions.

Two women going hard on the Hyrox sled pull

Do I need to be entering Hyrox to join the BASE Hyrox class?

No, you can join our BASE Hyrox sessions even if you do not plan to do any races or events. Events aren’t for everyone, but we would encourage everyone to try and build themselves up to be ‘competition ready’, even if they don’t plan on competing.

The classes will offer the benefits of all our other strength classes – building muscles, burning fat, improving endurance and cardio, and – just as importantly – having fun and meeting people!

So even if you don’t plan on ever joining a race or event, our team and community will happily welcome you and we’re sure you’ll have a great time.

The BASE community spirit helps you hit your goals!

Who is Hyrox for?

One of the reasons that we are big fans of Hyrox is that it’s a very accessible race that is less intimidating than other big fitness events. It’s certainly not easy, but the movements are not ‘high skill’ exercises which are hard to master. There is no time cap on the event and the team option means that you can share the exercises with another person, offering an easier entry point for those who are nervous to tackle it all alone.

Whilst Hyrox is for everyone, if you haven’t trained for a while we recommend a solid 12-week training program to get you up to being ready for the race.

Two females at a Hyrox event in Singapore

Do you offer personal training for Hyrox?

Yes, at BASE we offer personal training for those that want a more personalized approach to getting prepared for a Hyrox race. Working one to one with a BASE personal trainer will help identify areas of weakness and build a tailored program. If you’re interested in personal training for Hyrox, please fill in this form and one of the team will be in touch.

Focused attention from a BASE coach helps you get results

When will Hyrox launch in Thailand?

Hyrox has already launched races in South Korea, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, with more planned races coming soon. A date hasn’t yet been set for a Hyrox race in Thailand – we will update as soon as it is announced.

We have teams going to Hyrox events around the region so if you’re interested in joining the BASE community reach out to us!

Hyrox provides a fun, motivating and exciting atmosphere

How do I enter Hyrox in Thailand?

Whilst a race in Thailand hasn’t yet been announced or launched, you can enter other Hyrox races in the region on their Find A Hyrox Race page.

How much is it to enter Hyrox in Thailand?

Entering an international Hyrox race costs approximately $120+ USD for a solo entry, which is 4,000-5,000 THB. Doubles entry is around $160 USD, which is approximately 5,500-6,500 THB. Whilst you can expect entry to be somewhere in this region, prices are not confirmed and could vary.

A BASE personal trainer can help you prepare for Hyrox

How do I get started training Hyrox in Bangkok?

At BASE we’re ready to help you get started on your Hyrox journey! You can check our class schedule or more details on our classes here.

If you’re new to BASE, we have some starting promotions for classes and personal training. Simply fill out the form below and the team will be in touch.