BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Jeff BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Jeff BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Jeff

BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Jeff

Get to know Coach Jeff a personal trainer here at BASE Bangkok. Jeff has a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the ACSM. He has over a decade of personal training experience under his belt and is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals. Learn more about Jeff and his style of personal training on his BASE Team Profile Page.

What’s non-negotiable for you when it comes to fitness and health?

Excuses. I know that anything I want I can have. I just have to want it bad enough.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

Chicken breast, Riceberry Rice, and a Veggie Mix. It comes out to about 700 calories. Of which, 240kcal are protein, 400kcal carbs, and 60kcal fat.

How do you manage your training and diet when you’re on holiday?

I plan ahead of time. I push myself harder before I travel so when it comes time to go I’m ready for a break. I won’t feel bad about shorter workouts or skipping a few altogether.  If it’s a long trip I like to try new things. It’s a great chance to do something I’ve never done before. When it comes to my diet I focus on proteins and veggies, but I don’t stress over a few treats here and there. I know when I get back to reality there’s no compromising.

What’s your best strategy to stay motivated?

I’d be lying if I said it was easy. There are two things I do when I’m just not feeling it.

1. Just show up. What they say is true, 80% of success is simply showing up, day-in-day-out.

2. I remind myself motivation is a feeling, dedication is a mindset. Feelings are fleeting, your mindset is who you are. I know that when I’m not in the right mindset, missing a workout is only going to hold me back when I am in the right mindset.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is…

Train with purpose, eat without emotion, sleep like a log, and stop caring what others think. Your health is about being the best version of yourself for you and your loved ones. Nothing else matters.

What’s your go-to snack?

Blockcalrie. It’s a meal delivery service I order every week. I keep them in the fridge at work so everytime I’m hungry I can grab one. It’s easy and I know I’m making a smart choice.

What do you do to relax?

I play guitar, watch Netflix, or go out for dinner and a movie with my wife. I always try to leave my phone at home when we go out to eat. Then there are no distractions.

What’s your post-workout routine?

Shower and food! I try to get a high protein meal right after training to help the body recover. After that, I’m usually back at work.

Sum up your dietary approach in a sentence?

One sentence? I’ll give you one word! “BALANCE”

“Your health is about being the best version of yourself for you and your loved ones. Nothing else matters.”


Being a good personal trainer means…

Giving 100% to your client and their goals. That being said, in order to do that we need to take time for ourselves as well. We can’t push our bodies and minds to the redline every day and expect to meet our clients’ needs.

What’s the biggest diet mistake or misconception?

Thinking in absolutes. No one thing is the cure or the curse when it comes to your health. Keeping everything in balance is the key to success. Just make sure it’s balanced in the right way.

What are your top tips for how to keep your energy levels up?

Eat all the macros (carbs, fats, proteins), Train hard, and of course 8 hours of sleep.

I believe everyone should…

Hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for their health. If we constantly blame outside circumstances for our health problems we will never be able to make a positive change.


3,2,1… GO

Best Bangkok Healthy Eatery? Broccoli Revolution

Favorite Cheat Meal? Durian and sticky rice

Favorite Exercise? Olympic lifts like the Snatch or Cleans

Most-hated exercise? Ones that cause injury

Weird fact about you? When I was a kid I was very reckless. I’ve broken both of my wrists at the same time and was in casts for three months. I’ve also had stitches 8 different times in my head. The stitches were from falling out of trees, down stairs, and once I was climbing a bunk bed and the ceiling fan, on full blast, connected with my head. Ouch!

One thing you can’t live without? Sleep. I need my sleep!