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Bangkok Corporate Training Programs & Solutions

At BASE we offer a range of corporate training programs and solutions for Bangkok-based companies. We offer fun team-building training sessions and delivered health and fitness presentations for companies such as Google, Apple and adidas, as well as smaller local companies that want a motivating session or talk that promotes a healthy lifestyle, educates and brings the team together.

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We want to help Bangkok get stronger and fitter, so if you have a company in Bangkok we’d love to offer everyone on your team:

  • 3 x complimentary group class training sessions worth 2,970 THB
  • Discounts on personal training
  • Special offers on group class training

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Corporate fitness training and gym memberships – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a business owner, manager or work in HR for a Bangkok company and you’re thinking of offering a corporate training program to your team – well done! It’s great that you’re taking steps to build a healthier and stronger work force. Below we answer the most frequent questions we get about corporate gym and fitness benefits.

Why should I offer corporate gym training to my company?

There are many reasons to offer a corporate training benefit or gym membership for the team at your company. Research has shown huge benefits to companies such as less sick days, higher employee satisfaction and better retention.

In fact, it was recently shown that for young people and ‘Gen Z’ers’ having additional health and fitness benefits were one of the strongest reasons that people choose a company and stayed with them.

Finally, team fitness classes and events are a great way to bring the team together and improve camaraderie amongst the company. At BASE, we’ve run many fun fitness events that are adapted for all levels, so even if some in your company don’t exercise, they can still have fun and participate. Overall, it’s a very cost-effective way to do something positive that boosts morale.

What types of corporate training options are available at Bangkok gyms?

There are many different types of health and fitness incentives that are offered at Bangkok’s gyms and fitness centres. At BASE, we offer a range of incentives so you can find the right fit for your team and budget.

The easiest and most affordable option is for us to create a landing page such as this one for Google Thailand which offers three complimentary classes for your team worth 2,970 THB, as well as exclusive discounts on our packages. This is a great way to offer a benefit to your team at no cost to your company – simply fill in the form above and we’ll help get this set up!

We also offer team training sessions, or events, for up to 40 people. This can include food, a talk from one of our coaches, offering a fun time and many opportunities for learning.

We also offer bulk package purchases so your team can come and train at BASE whenever they wish, offering a strong and attractive incentive for your team.

What kind of corporate fitness challenges do Bangkok gyms and BASE offer?

Corporate fitness challenges can be a great way to get people motivated and sticking with a fitness program. There are many different types of challenges, such as step challenges whereby people have to aim to hit a certain number of steps per day, or workout challenges where people need to complete a certain amount of workouts.

These challenges are best received when they are tailored for all levels. You don’t want them to be intimidating or come across as a ‘battle of the fittest’. This will alienate your employees who don’t want to compete or who have a beginner-level of fitness.

Can BASE help us design a corporate fitness challenge?

Yes! We will help build a challenge that’s right for your company. We will start by asking questions so we can better understand your requirements and team, before proposing a program and structure.

How can companies measure the effectiveness of their corporate training initiatives in Bangkok gyms?

Research has shown that corporate training programs help with employee retention, staff satisfaction and, of course, the health of the team. On the higher end, you can invest in ‘before and after’ health marker testing for your team at a clinic or hospital. On the lower end, we can build in fitness testing for the team at the beginning and end of the program, so we can show how much they’ve progressed during the program.

At each BASE location in Bangkok we have a hospital-grade InBody body composition scanner, which offers an accurate way to see how your corporate training program has impacted everyone’s body composition – weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass.

How long should my corporate challenge go on for?

We recommend short challenges that seem achievable, such as 7, 14, 21 or 30 days. Making the goals realistic is key to success, so employees feel they can do it. For example, two workouts per week or 5,000 steps per day.

How can companies incorporate team-building activities into their corporate fitness programs in Bangkok?

Team-building and boosting staff morale is certainly one of the key benefits of starting a corporate training program. We recommend incorporating some kind of group or team training into your program, as this is a strong way to break down barriers between staff.

A one-off team training event is an effective way to get the team together and, when pushing through an exercise session together, strong bonds are formed.

What role does nutrition counseling and advice or dietary guidance play in corporate wellness programs offered by gyms in Bangkok?

They say that, when it comes to weight loss, 80% of the results come from nutrition. This is pretty accurate, so when it comes to building an effective corporate health and fitness program we recommend adding in an element of nutritional support and help. This can be a nutritional talk for the team, healthy snacks provided at the office or a nutritional challenge, such as tracking food for three days.

BASE can assist in helping to educate your team on making the right kind of nutritional choices to hit their goals.

Do you have any tips for companies looking to encourage employee participation in corporate training initiatives at Bangkok gyms?

Persuading your team to join your corporate fitness program can be a challenge. Fortunately, we have experience in helping companies increase the take up rate. It’s important that the program looks realistic and not too intimidating. Having a ‘kickstart’ event or session can also help, where people can set goals and learn more about the program and how best to approach it.

The team at BASE Bangkok will help create the right program for your team and get buy in from your company. Contact us today to get started by filling out the form below!