I’m already a BASE client, can I join the challenge?

If you already have any of our group class packages with 30+ sessions at the first day of the challenge, the entry is only 500thb.

This includes 2x fitness test events, 2x Inbody scans and an exclusive ‘BASELINE®️ made me do it’ t-shirt.

I’m ready to go! Can I start now?

The package can only be activated on the 13th September and will expire on the 11th November. Please note the package cannot be extended – unused sessions from the package will expire after the Challenge has ended.

If you want to train now, we recommend you get our normal packages and freeze when the challenge starts. You can activate your normal package again after the challenge is over.

I’m joining BASE classes through Classpass, can I join the challenge?

To have full access to BASELINE®️ technology, you need an active BASE package. Our BASELINE®️ 60-day challenge package offers great value of only 309thb per session with full benefits of BASE members.

What is the kickstart and final day event? Do I need to join? What if I cannot make it?

The Kickstart Even Day is the pre 60-day challenge fitness test where we track your starting strength and cardio scores. The Final Day Event is the second test after the challenge to see how much you have improved since day 1!

Both event days are optional. We recommend you come along if you can. We will have BASE coaches helping you with Inbody scan, logging into your dashboard as well as the fitness test.

If you cannot make it you can still join the Challenge.

You can come into BASE anytime to complete your Inbody scan. We recommend you do one before and after the challenge.

If you have any question with BASELINE log in, please send through to [email protected] and our team will get back to you shortly.

Can I freeze, pause or extend my package?

This is a special package designed to keep you training consistently for 60 days, so it cannot be freezed, paused or extended.

If you’d like a package with more duration flexibility, checkout our normal packages here

I need help setting up my BASELINE account

We have combined commonly asked questions for BASELINE in this blog post here. You can also ask our customer service operative team at BASE locations, our team can help you get started.

If you have any issues, feedback or inquiries, drop us an email at [email protected] and our team will be happy to help out.

I’m ready to join BASELINE Challenge👊

We have BASELINE 60-day package which is 9,900thb for 30 sessions to be used in 60 days. The package also includes 2x fitness test days, 2x Inbody scans and an exclusive ‘BASELINE made me do it’ T-shirt. This works out at only 309thb per session.

What if I have to late cancel my sessions? Can I still complete the challenge?

We understand that sometimes things don’t happen as you planned. We allow 3 late cancellations which we will still count towards the completed sessions.

We cannot refund the late cancelled classes, but we will count them towards your completed sessions so you can still complete the Challenge.

If you late cancel for the 4th session or more, you will need to top-up your package to complete the challenge.