New Group Class Programming At BASE (August 2023) New Group Class Programming At BASE (August 2023) New Group Class Programming At BASE (August 2023)

New Group Class Programming At BASE (August 2023)

We’re excited to announce changes to our group class programming that kick off on 12th August with our second-ever 75-minute BASECAMP XL class!

Every three months we change our BASELINE sets programming. We call these three month phases ‘cycles’.

We’ve been running five minute sets since the launch of BASE in 2016, and these have allowed us to monitor your cardio and strength progress accurately using our BASELINE technology.

We wanted to add an endurance challenge to our sessions, as well as allowing more recovery time in our strength sets, so we launched 7- and 9-minute sets to the program on our last cycle.

They’ve been a big hit, so in our next cycle we will be adding more longer set days. We will now be on a rotating cycle of 5, 7 and 9 minute set days.

So, for example, Monday will be 5-minute sets, Tuesday will be 7-minutes, Wednesday 9-minutes – and then the cycle repeats, with Thursday back to 5-minutes.

Our longer strength sets offer more rest time, allowing you to go heavier

Design Your Workout

One of the coolest features of our new programming cycles is that on our new 7 and 9 minute set days, you get to ‘Design Your Workout’.

Let me explain – on our 7-minute set days…

In BASE X (45 minutes) you will complete 4 stations out of the available 5

In BASECAMP (55 minutes) will complete 5 stations out of the available 6

This means you will miss out one station, so you can design your workout around which sets you want to do, or skip.

Here’s an example of a 7-minute BASE X class if you start on STRENGTH 1, and miss the RUN set.

On our 9-minute set days, you will miss out 2 stations.

 In BASE X (45 minutes) you will complete three stations, out of the available five.

 in BASECAMP (55 minutes) will complete four stations, out of the available five.

Here’s how a 9-minute day on BASECAMP will look if you start on STRENGTH 3 (and want to miss BIKE, for example)

The Design Your Workout function helps you focus the workout on what you want to achieve.’

Or, for example, if you have an injury that prevents you from running, you can simply start on Strength 1 and skip it!

15-Day Cycle

Did you know our cardio and strength sets are on a 15-day cycle?

This means that you get a chance to repeat our cardio and strength sets and see your results improve.

Everything is trackable on the BASELINE App and the in-class screens.


Want to know what sets are coming up each day?

Simply download the BASELINE App to see each days sets!

You can also see all your ‘PBs’ – which stands for Personal Best scores – on all the strength and cardio sets.

Please note that this App is different to the booking App – download today or ask the BASE customer service team to help in branch.

Here’s how the upcoming sets and your personal set graph will look on the App:

Special 65 and 75-Minute Sessions

We now periodically run special 65- and 75-minute BASECAMP sessions where you get to hit all the 7-minute or 9-minute sets, in a new extended format we call BASECAMP XL.

This is a challenging class but, like all BASE classes, you can go at your own pace.

Our 7-minute BASECAMP XL days will mean a 65 minute class length.

For our 9-minute sets days, BASECAMP XL will be 75 minutes.

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Our new 7 and 9 minute cardio sets offer an endurance challenge!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to start training with us, reach out to the team on our contact us form.