Meet BASE Coach Palm! Meet BASE Coach Palm! Meet BASE Coach Palm!

Meet BASE Coach Palm!

If you want a knowledgable, friendly and supportive coach to help you hit your goals, Coach Palm is for you!

Coach Palm is one of our personal trainers at BASE and she also coaches group classes. She uses her supportive and friendly approach to help her clients “ignite the fire” within them and build stronger and healthier habits.

She has worked with clients of many ages and a range of goals, such as muscle and strength building, pre and post-natal training and help with nutrition (the all important missing piece for many!)

Palm is highly qualified, bring over 10 years of coaching experience and qualifications that go far beyond her standard ACE certification, with Precision Nutrition, Sports Masssage Therapy and Pre- and Post-Natal training part of her arsenal.

Want help from Coach Palm to hit your goals?

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If you’re ready to commit to personal training with Coach Palm, here are the package options.

If you’d like to try out the training first, we recommend our New Coach Starter Pack. This will give you a great start to your training and an opportunity to see how Coach Palm can help you before committing to a full program.

If you’re feeling ready to make a proper commitment to your training, you can purchase a 4-week, 8-week or 12-week personal training package below.

Here are more reasons to work with Coach Palm…

Work with a female personal trainer in Bangkok

Coach Palm is very experienced working with female clients. This includes a proven track record of helping her clients increase their strength, improve their confidence, lose weight and learn new skills such as Olympic lifting.

She certainly doesn’t only work with women exclusively – she’s also trained many men who respond well to her experience and approach.

Train during or after your pregnancy with our pre and post-natal personal training

Maintaining an exercise and strength program is important during and after your pregnancy. Doing this right helps women prepare for child birth and also recover afterwards. Palm is qualified to help you train during and after your pregnancy in a safe and effective manner.

See more about our pre- and post natal fitness training at BASE.

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