The Lowdown: BASE BUILD Class Profile The Lowdown: BASE BUILD Class Profile The Lowdown: BASE BUILD Class Profile

The Lowdown: BASE BUILD Class Profile

Welcome to our class profile series where we break down what each of our classes is all about.

Welcome to our class profile series where we break down what each of our classes is all about.

Today we are looking at our strength training class, BASE BUILD! 

You can view The Lowdown section on our site for more info on our other group class sessions at BASE.

In a nutshell, what’s BASE BUILD?

BASE BUILD is a 45-minute class that focuses on strength training and muscle building.

Each exercise will develop strength, help build muscle, and will have a set rep range. For example, you may do a dumbbell deadlift for 8 repetitions (8 times up and down).

Who is BASE BUILD for?

BASE BUILD is great for those looking for a session of heavy lifting.

In our BASE BUILD session, all the sets and exercises can be adjusted for all ability levels. This is easy to do and your BASE coach will assist with this. An example of this would be using our lighter 2-6kg dumbbells when you’re just getting used to the movements, before building up the weight as you develop more strength.

What’s the format of BASE BUILD?

Our 45-minute strength session is broken up into 5 stations that are 5 minutes each.

There is a 1 minute 30 second break between each set.

During the 5 minute set, you will typically aim for 3 rounds of superset strength exercises – this means alternating two exercises, for example you might combine a 2 dumbbell deadlift with an overhead press, completing 3 rounds of the 2 movements in 5 minutes.

In a BASE BUILD class you can expect to work total body – upper, lower, front, back and core.

In this class we will incorporate a mix of compound exercises, which work large groups of muscles, with isolation exercises that focus on one joint and a smaller group of muscles.

What goals will BASE BUILD help with?

BASE BUILD is all about increasing strength and building muscle. You’ll be lifting heavy, with enough rest time between each exercise to recover and continue building up the weight.

If your goal is just fat loss, you should still have strength training in your program but in this class we don’t focus on calorie burn or cardiovascular work.

What kind of cardio equipment will I be using in BASE BUILD?

In BASE BUILD we don’t use any of the traditional cardio equipment such as treadmills, Concept 2 Rowers, or Assault Airbikes.However, we may incorporate some power work such as slam balls that will get your cardiovascular system working.

What kind of strength equipment will I be using in BASE BUILD?

BASE BUILD is all about strength, so we use our full range of strength training equipment.

You can expect kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, wall balls and TRX. We may use resistance bands for some strength work and if the studio has the space, we will incorporate some barbell work and calisthenics on our pull up bars and frames.

Will we be using the BASELINE technology in BASE BUILD?

For sure! In each BASE BUILD class we track one strength exercise, cycled every 15 days so you can monitor your improvements in strength.

Our BASELINE app is available in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

What other classes do you have?

Check out BASE BURN for a pure cardio class and if you’re looking for a session that tackles both cardio and strength, BASECAMP (60 mins) and BASE X (45 mins) are for you.

The team at BASE is ready to help you get started. Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to select a good first session for you!

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