BASE Success Story: Maria Morel BASE Success Story: Maria Morel BASE Success Story: Maria Morel

BASE Success Story: Maria Morel

Maria was in great shape to start with, but BASE has helped her fine tune her results and learn more about exercise and nutrition.

Maria lost 3.5% body fat in 3 months, which is very impressive for someone who already trains. But we think her real success is her new found love for training and nutrition.

 Your personality makes you a pleasure to have around, Maria!
Here’s her story:
“I have always been a rather active person and have regularly exercised before joining BASE. Spending hours in the gym, jogged quite regularly but didn’t see the results I wanted to see. I wished for having more decent shapes and a more proportional upper and lower body.
QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! CORRECT TECHNIQUE AND FORM!. This is what I associate BASE with at the first place, both personal and group training. And this is what makes the difference between my workouts now and before.
I unlearnt and relearnt to do many exercises. After each of my personal trainings, I learnt something new. It’s a fantastic feeling! For that and for the feeling of progress, I am extremely thankful to my personal trainer, Kate.
BASE has also contributed to deepening my already existing interest in nutrition and healthy eating. I came to love it so much that I grab every opportunity I can to cook and prepare healthy snacks by myself.
There’s so much to improve and work on. But I’m not in a hurry! Why would I? I absolutely love going to BASE where my mind and body get shaken and soul filled with sweet feelings. And little by little, a little becomes a lot.”