How Dan Lost 4.1% And Won Our 60 Day Challenge How Dan Lost 4.1% And Won Our 60 Day Challenge How Dan Lost 4.1% And Won Our 60 Day Challenge

How Dan Lost 4.1% And Won Our 60 Day Challenge

The winner of our last 60-Day Challenge was Dan. His transformation and fat loss progress that truly shows what is possible in 60 days if you commit big. Here is Dan’s body transformation within 60 days.

body transformation

Dan’s vital stats for the 60 days:

  • Dropped 4.1% body fat
  • Lost 4.4kg in weight
  • BASELINE fitness score went up from 294 to 450, up a huge 53% increase

Here’s his story…

“I was working out with my personal trainer 2 times per week for about 1.5 years. I had seen results but felt like I wasn’t continuing to improve. For the new year I was looking to shakes things up, so I started the Slow Carb Diet and joined the 60 day challenge. Here is when I started discovering my body fast going down.

The challenge added some cardio which is very critical to rip off your body fat. That’s what I was sorely missing and the measurements provided great motivation and understanding of how I was improving.”

BASELINE assesment

BASELINE assessment score to track your progress

“Knowing that after just 30 days I had dropped 2.4% body fat provided huge motivation to keep up the diet and workout routine.

The progress continued for the second 30 days and and to end up with a 4.1% body fat drop at the end of the Challenge was great!”

Our take-homes from Dan’s story

Dan combined good nutrition with the right training and started making huge strides towards his goals, despite having limited success for years.

This shows that when your training becomes stagnant you sometimes need to make a strong decision to make some big changes in order to see results.

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