BASE Standards For Clean & Safe Training BASE Standards For Clean & Safe Training BASE Standards For Clean & Safe Training

BASE Standards For Clean & Safe Training

Last updated: Tuesday 28th Sept, 2021

This post offers the most up to date information on our cleanliness and safety standards. It will be updated as the regulations and situation changes.

Since day 1, it was our mission to raise the standards of the fitness industry in Asia and benchmark ourselves against the world’s best studios.

These core values have guided us with our new policies and procedures which we are calling BASE Standards.

Every single member of our team is committed to providing the safest possible environment for you to train in as we reopen BASE in phases.

Rest assured, these measures will not impact the great training experience you have at BASE.

We are committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for everyone that steps into a BASE location and believe that with the support of the team and community, we can make BASE one of the safest places to be in Bangkok.

Anyone who trained with us last year will know we have stringent measures, and we’ve added even more in this time, such as:

⮕ Every single member of the BASE team has been vaccinated.

⮕ We now have air purifiers throughout every BASE location and space, helping to provide clean, filtered air.

⮕ We are running regular testing of the BASE staff for Covid-19

We kindly ask that you update your Covid-19 vaccine status with our front desk team whilst we are awaiting clear information from the government on vaccination requirements.

Showers, towels and amenities are available for usage but we kindly ask you keep your time to a minimum.

Here is a summary of our 10 key measures for ensuring BASE is leading the fitness industry in standards of cleanliness and safety.

BASE coaches, customer service and cleaning team have all been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Everyone who enters BASE – both staff and members – will have their temperature checked and recorded on entry. Anyone recording a temperature of above 37.5C will not be permitted entry into BASE and is advised to seek medical assistance.

Masks must be worn in the studio by staff and members when not training. Mask usage whilst doing strenuous exercise is not recommended by the Thai Department of Health.

High-alcohol hand gel will be compulsory on entry and is available at many points around the studio. Sanitizer spray and cloths are available for all staff and members to use.

In a perfect world, we hand shake fist bump to greet. Unfortunately the world has imperfections, so for now, we are observing a strict ‘no physical contact’ rule.

This means no hand shakes, high fives or physical training adjustments. But don’t worry – our coaches will still be able to ensure you get a 5-star session with verbal cues.

We love hanging out with you at BASE but, for now, we aim to keep the number of people in the studio at any one time to a minimum.

Please aim to come not more than 10 minutes before your session and after you’ve finished training, please aim to leave within 5 minutes.

As well as regular cleaning by coaches and all staff, we will deep clean the studio regularly throughout the day with hospital-grade disinfectant that effectively kills viruses and germs.

We will also have a compulsory 10 minute break between personal training sessions so all equipment used can be thoroughly cleaned.

At BASE, we are blessed with big training spaces and high ceilings, which makes it easier to keep a safe distance.

We are running group classes at 50% capacity, allowing over at least 12 sqm of space per person.

We are limiting personal training sessions to no more than 4 at any one time.

We will minimize touch points wherever possible.

It’s important that we can contact each other if we need to. All members details on our system must be fully up to date with current telephone number and email address on record.

Our class format means you won’t use any equipment that hasn’t been cleaned.

You can check out our group class BASE standards here.


We have extended all packages for the time we have been closed. We are also happy to extend your package if you don’t feel comfortable returning to the gym yet.

We get it, and that’s not a problem at all. Simply reach out to the team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.


In addition to the ‘big 10’ safety and cleanliness measures, we have developed thorough and detailed operating procedures and all our staff have undergone full training.

Every single member of the BASE team and community has a duty to keep BASE as clean as possible – so thank you in advance for your assistance and understanding with these measures.

We will continue to offer online training options such as one-to-one coaching and our group class platform BASE Anywhere so you can continue training at home, if you wish.

We also kindly ask that you book your sessions in advance before coming into BASE. We will closely monitor the amount of people in the studio at any one time.

Please also note that any open gym or extra training outside of your booked training time is not permitted. We need to keep 10 minutes between each personal training session so unfortunately if you come late, your session will need to still finish at the time it is booked in.

Communication is vital to fighting this virus, so it’s essential that members inform BASE if they are feeling unwell, if anyone close to them has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or if they’ve recently been abroad.

We thank you for your openness with this to ensure our community stays safe and healthy.

Our team are required to do the same and every one of our staff is covered by health insurance.

Safety is our number one priority, but it’s also important to us to continue to offer a positive, fun and exciting respite from the difficulties we are all facing.

Everyone at BASE will ensure that you get that same BASE feeling when you come to our studios that you know and love.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.