Refund and Package Freeze Policy Refund and Package Freeze Policy Refund and Package Freeze Policy

Refund and Package Freeze Policy


We do not offer refunds on our packages and all purchases are final.

In the case of relocation or long-term injury, we can transfer your package to someone else at the discretion of management. The package must be within the expiry period, the remaining sessions must be used by the expiry and the decision of management is final.


We offer freezes on our packages for a minimum of 7 days.

We must be told of the freeze before it happens by email to [email protected] or written notice.

Please kindly note that we cannot freeze packages afterwards under any circumstances.

Below are the permitted freezes allowed on your account.

1 month unlimited
Cannot be frozen

3 months unlimited or 10 session package
1 freeze of 7 days or more permitted

6 months unlimited or 25 session package
2 freezes of 7 days or more permitted

12 months unlimited, monthly payment membership or 50 and 100 session packages
3 freezes of 7 days or more per freeze permitted

In the case of injury or sickness, please provide a medical certificate and we will freeze your account without it counting towards your permitted freezes.

Should you have any queries on package freezes please contact us or enquire at the BASE front desk.


For our Monthly Payment membership our initial payment will be two months upfront which is your first monthly payment plus one month’s deposit. Your 12th monthly payment will come from your deposit and will not be charged to your card.

For the full membership terms and conditions please visit here.