BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Kemo BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Kemo BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Kemo

BASE Lowdown: Personal Training Coach Kemo

What’s non-negotiable when it comes to health and fitness?

It’s important for me to prioritize my health and fitness above anyone else’s. This means that I can be at my best, which is a positive for me and everyone I interact with

How do you manage your training and diet when you’re on holiday?

This is easy for me, a lot of my training is movement/skill based. For example, I work on my handstands pretty much every day and these can be done anywhere. Depending on the city, I like to get a run in. I recently returned to London and ran a 10k PB of 42:32.

What’s your best strategy to stay motivated?

There are a few factors here. First, having goals and inspirations is key. Personally, I’m in awe of anyone who has mastery of movement of their body. Whether they are martial artists, dancers or gymnasts. These are big influences behind my training. Finally, it’s important to surround myself with people who will support a healthy lifestyle. This makes it hard to make excuses and succumb to temptation, whilst making it effortless to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is…

Move often. Eat well. Eliminate stress.

What’s your go-to snack?

Max-Valu Riceberry rice.

What do you do to relax?

I love discovering new music, hanging out with friends and being away from technology as much as possible.

What’s your post-workout routine?

Depends on the workout. After a class, it’s great to sit and chat with people. After my own sessions, there’s no set routine. I just get on with my day feeling good having just exercised.

Sum up your dietary approach in a sentence?

Eat food that makes you feel at your best, all day, every day.

Being a good personal trainer means…

I like to see myself more as a Health and Fitness Coach. This means taking a much deeper interest in my clients’ health, being able to quickly discover their limiting factors and continually strategizing how to overcome them. It’s rare that I train any two clients using the same methods. A highly bespoke strategy is needed, meaning it’s important to consider a whole host of training approaches and modalities. To that end, continual self-education and a willingness to think critically so that new perspectives can be considered are key.

What’s the biggest diet mistake or misconception?

That carbs and insulin are responsible for making us fat. That diets “work”.

What are your top tips for how to keep your energy levels up?

Move often. Eat well. Rest well. And drink good coffee.

I believe everyone should…

Learn skills, explore movement and express athleticism.

3,2,1… GO

Best Bangkok Healthy Eatery? Broccoli Revolution

Favorite Cheat Meal? Hand cut fries (again from Broccoli Revolution.)

Favorite Exercise? Handstand- it’s a constant journey or refining

Most-hated exercise? Sit Ups- I like to be hanging or on my hands and feet

Weird fact about you? I survived a monkey attack as a 4 year old, living in Guinea.

One thing you can’t live without? A good set of earphones.