BASE Lowdown: Personal Trainer, Coach Adam BASE Lowdown: Personal Trainer, Coach Adam BASE Lowdown: Personal Trainer, Coach Adam

BASE Lowdown: Personal Trainer, Coach Adam

Get to know BASE personal trainer and group class coach, Adam.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical education and has been involved in youth sport & fitness for over 10 years.

Adam likes to work with athletes of all levels. He’s passionate about helping people get fitter and stronger by focusing on how this will improve their daily lives.

Learn more about Adam’s training style on his BASE Team profile page.

What’s non-negotiable for you when it comes to fitness and health?

Hitting a combination of HIIT and Strength Training is a non-negotiable for my training and when it comes to nutrition I believe in sticking to non-processed real food, that would rot/go off if left out for a few days.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

I usually fast so ‘breakfast’ is around 11:30 am and usually consists of eggs, ham/tuna and cottage cheese/avocado.

How do you manage your training and diet when you’re on holiday?

I don’t – holidays are a time to relax! My holidays are generally based around activities and at best I will follow a relaxed fasting plan so things don’t get out of control.

What’s your best strategy to stay motivated?

Build a routine, set goals and surround yourself with good people who force you to up your game.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is…

Work hard, be kind and understand it’s all part of a continual process of improving every day.

What’s your go-to snack?

If I need a quick fix I’ll go for fruit such as an apple, orange or banana.

What do you do to relax?

On my downtime I like to read or get a massage.

What’s your post-workout routine?

I end each training session with stretching.

Sum up your dietary approach in a sentence?

Stay consistent but flexible and stick to the 80/20 rule when it comes to the balance of unprocessed, real food and processed cheats and treats.

Being a good personal trainer means…

To me, being an industry-leading fitness coach means building a relationship of trust with our clients. Many feel nervous or intimidated when coming to train, so it’s important they feel comfortable with us.

When someone takes on a personal trainer or coach, we only get to spend a few hours a week with them, so as top coaches we must teach our clients skills which can apply in their daily lives. This empowers them to get long-term results and kickstart a positive lifestyle.

Finally, a great coach offers the accountability needed for clients to stick to a program and make positive changes.

What’s the biggest diet mistake or misconception?

Chasing quick short-term results. Your body can change quickly but it will rarely last. If you want lasting change, focus on good habits and be prepared to work for it.

What are your top tips for how to keep your energy levels up?

Work out, even when you don’t feel like it! To compliment this, build daily routines for consistency and make sure you get your sleep in.

I believe everyone should…

Work hard, be grateful & be kind to yourself.

“Work hard, be kind and understand it’s all part of a continual process of improving every day. “


3,2,1… GO!

Best Bangkok Healthy Eatery? Genius Bar
Favorite Cheat Meal?  Fowlmouth chicken burger
Favorite Exercise?  Rowing machine
Most-hated exercise?  Honestly, I don’t hate any exercise
Weird fact about you?  I weirdly enjoy the burn of the assault bike
One thing you can’t live without?  Exercise